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The Centre for Social, Spatial & Economic Justice (CSSEJ) is an academic research centre which focuses on issues of justice, uniting researchers from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds, including Anthropology, Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, Health Studies, Human Geography, Nursing, Social Work and Sociology.

The Community, Culture and Global Studies unit presents a stimulating and dynamic grouping of four overlapping, though distinctive, academic programs: Anthropology; Human Geography; Indigenous Studies and Gender & Women’s Studies.

The Inclusive Education Certificate/Diploma program is a post-baccalaureate program designed to prepare teachers to work with children and adolescents with diverse needs establishing inclusive practices in classrooms and in schools so that all students have equitable access to learning and achievement.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS) degrees are offered across a wide range of program options from the humanities and creative arts to social and natural sciences. Students may choose to complete a themed or individualized program. Themed program options include Indigenous Studies; Optimization; Studies in Cultures and Texts; Health Studies; Human Kinetics; Sustainability; and Latin American and Iberian Studies.

Informed by a vision of social justice, the School of Social Work promotes social well-being, change, healing, and growth at multiple levels. Committed to fostering the integration of varied and diverse theoretical perspectives which contribute to holding central the dynamic interplay between individuals and their environments, recognition is given to the impact of harmful and oppressive environments, our interdependence, and the human need for caring, loving and sustaining relationships throughout the life course.

The Department of Sociology at UBC Okanagan is committed to a sociological imagination that challenges students to apply their theoretical and analytical skills to explore, understand and expose how power, privilege, and inequality are controlled, secured and articulated by the few for the domination of the many.

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Aboriginal Access Studies (AAS), offered through the UBC Okanagan campus in Kelowna and the En’owkin Centre in Penticton, provides access to a specific set of university level courses without initially registering in a degree program or undergoing the standard admissions process.

The Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) is a modular program that is theme based and developmental. Overall, it proceeds thematically, by term, from the larger pedagogical perspective and the purview of professional practice, through to the culture of the school and to the particulars of classroom teaching.

The interdisciplinary Indigenous Studies program offers courses that provide perspectives of Indigenous peoples from the Okanagan, Canada and world communities. The involvement of the Okanagan nation and the En’owkin Centre in its development and in ongoing partnership provides a strong foundation in the Okanagan community and ensures continuing input from Indigenous perspectives.

The Summer Institute for Interdisciplinary Indigenous Graduate Studies is an intensive Graduate program that is geared to Indigenous students and taught from an Indigenous perspective

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The Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Administration allows current and prospective school leaders to understand, critique and enrich their educational practice to better serve children, communities and the wider society.

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Gender and Women’s Studies An understanding of the role of gender in global cultures today and throughout history is critical to its continued sustainability. Whether approaching broader issues of gender or more focused in women’s studies, this newly developed program will challenge stereotypes and encourage free and critical thought and informed, respectful discussion.

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Latin American Studies (LAS) is a new and interdisciplinary BA program with a wide range of choices offered to students in terms of departments (including anthropology, history, indigenous studies, political science, Spanish and sociology), courses, fascinating subject matter, and an array of professors who are conducting cutting edge research in a variety of fields.

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